Author Topic: Back to flatland consultation. Sunday park ranger VS. Haro La Bastille  (Read 465 times)

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Im a 48 y/o returning to flatland after more then 20 years break.
So im an Old School rider. my height is 6'
I found a used flatware waltz (18.9" TT) bike with zero offset fork. i can manage this bike, and its a huge improvement over the old school bikes i used to ride, but a bit small and frenzy, probably due to the zero offset fork.
Im debating if i should just change to 15 offset fork or should i change the frame and pair it with a 15 offset fork.
The frames I'm considering:
Sunday park ranger - 19.75" TT . Head Angle: 75.25° . BB Height: 11.625" .  Standover Height: 7.625"
Haro La Bastille - 19.5" TT . Head Angle: 75.5 . BB Height: 11.5" . Standover Height: 8"

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Okay. Change the forks first. If the frame still doesn't feel well, then try a longer frame. Always replace the cheaper stuff first.

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Hello, what kind of frame did you ride 20 years ago? I think 89schwinnsting is right, try the fork first. But the TT length of the frames you suggested seem to be reaonable for your size. I am bit taller and ride a 19.2" TT, but that is personal preference.
Terry Adams rode a 18.9" TT (or in that range) for years and now is using 19.5" I believe. I think it is too big for his size, but it seems like he can handle that bike really well  ???

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I rode a Standard Shorty 19" TT and moved to Standard Shaman 19.5"
In hindsight the Shorty was better for flatland but it didn't have a freecoaster.
On the Shaman i had an old school freecoaster and the bike was very heavy - 35.7 LBS

Due to my age and skills after such a long brake i believe a new gen flat bike will be easier to get back.
Im also open to other ideas for a flat bike...

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Welcome back spivak74…I would agree about trying a minimal offset fork before swapping your frame. Somewhere in the range of 13-16mm offset.  Odyssey or Odyssey’s Flatware brand is a great choice.