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« on: June 10, 2021, 03:15:33 PM »

It has been years since I used this site, the Internet has changed, maybe for the better...
I'm not willing to tiktok, there are limits to my patience, but over time I have gotten into reddit, mostly because of gaming subreddits and the trump show.

I have noticed this Flatland BMX subreddit: which is in existence since 2010, I don't know who the owner is.

Now, I have been wondering why the "Forum Community" has not transitioned to reddit, has this Idea been brought up?

Ideally, we as a community should hold the rights to Flatland related resources and discussions, but taking our secluded and almost elitist nature into consideration, I want to emphasize the importance of written Information and ease of accessibility.
We should create a kind of wiki that serves as a base reference, for this purpose, I believe that we need a liturgy of long form text, and the switch of our community to reddit could facilitate that, because it is easily archivable and accessible to everyone.

Now, naturally a lot would have to be lost, there are a lot of members on here with 1000's of posts, but maybe we have to travel light, slim down and thereby make it easier to centralize what we know, reddit would make it possible to functionally recreate the global-flat forum on a bigger scale with greater potential for growth.

Of course this does require community involvement, and I suspect that most of the forum users are older riders, that may feel disconnected or at least not in tune with the current scene.
Those from my generation are seemingly not writing about the sport, they prefer their grams to reach the people and I can understand.
Text is the inferior medium for social media reach in a show sport, obviously this is true, and some of the pros are possibly already writing books on Flatland so naturally they have an incentive to be secretive.
On top of that comes the fact that english is not the native language for most of the community, which would shut out a large part of us from the discussion.
Maybe this is just wishful thinking of me, and just not feasible in the current scene, at the end of the day it is still a competitive sport, but I strongly believe that we could benefit from public long form discussions from active riders about Flatland.

Idk, what do you think?
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Re: <?(migration)?>
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I don't know about migration, but thanks for the pointer.