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Veres BMX Flatland Jam
« on: February 16, 2017, 04:07:03 AM »
Country: Hungary
Location: Sport Zone, Veresegyház
Date: 11.03.2017


Indoor (130m²) BMX Flatland Jam. Bringing together the best Hungarian flatland riders from all over Hungary to ride and have a fun day. An open invitation to any riders or spectators who want to come. Our aim is to raise money for a wooden floor and create a place for a BMX flatland riders to ride all year round. There is an entry fee of 1500HUF per rider and 500HUF for spectators. We also plan to start a BMX flatland club and have work shops for youngsters who would like to start learing this amazing sport. - Rob Alton



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Hungary: Veres Flatland Jam in March
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2017, 04:34:32 AM »

Rob Alton told us about the Veres Flatland Jam that he is organizing on March 11 and further plans with the venue:

"Basically my wife and I are starting our own business by opening a sports room. In this room we will be hosting Acrobatic Gymnastics, BMX Flatland, Skipping and Circus skills workshops. However this is just a few of many ideas we have. We will also be renting the space out to people who want to hold any kind of classes. The location is "Sport Zone" in Veresegyház Hungary and the room is 135m2, I guess about the size of a contest floor.

My aim is to open a BMX Flatland club so that riders have an indoor spot to ride all year round especially in the winter! I will also try my best to get local kids in and start some workshops at beginner level. The Jam is to help raise the money we need to lay an OSB board floor so the there are is an entry fee for riders and spectators. Right now the floor is tiled and for the Jam it will be a mixture of tile and Monster!

It's an open invitation for all riders but of course travel will be at their cost. If someone does want to come they should contact me and I can try to help with accommodation. I will also open the room on the following day if riders who attend the Jam and want to ride on the Sunday too."

More information and Facebook link: Veres BMX Flatland Jam