Author Topic: USA: Dominik Nekolny wins AFA Round 2  (Read 1236 times)

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USA: Dominik Nekolny wins AFA Round 2
« on: May 29, 2016, 08:09:04 PM »

Looks like Dom made a little weekend trip to Michigan and won the AFA Round 2. Congratulations! Dub who won the first round got second this time and should be the leader of the overall ranking now. Matt Wilhelm won the best trick contest with a bike flip. We will probably see some footage sooner than later!

 1st Dominik Nekolny
 2nd Jean William Prevost
 3rd Matt Wilhelm
 4th James McGraw
 5th Austin Luberda
 6th Joe Cicman
 7th Luke Malone
 8th Bryan Huffman
 9th Todd Carter
 10th Mannie Nogueira
 1st Ron Monis
 2nd Marty Clark
 3rd Craig Gaudet
 4th Michael Shao
 5th Andrew Sheltraw
 6th Tony Schneidwin
 7th Mitchell Hall
 8th Shane Reed
 1st Bill Nitschke
 2nd Derek Callendar
 3rd Dave Nourie
 4th Mike Hartman
 5th Steve Dodson
 6th Bertund Williams
 7th Paul Hahn
 8th Hiro Tsuchida
 1st Trevor Watring
 2nd Chris
 3rd Donovan Kelley
 4th Vince Smith
 5th Fernando Brenner
 6th Troy Merkle
 7th Kim Klisiak
 8th Ava McGraw
 9th Cody McGraw

Photo: AFA Facebook