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Timo Lanki about LBV4: Okay, it's finally time for a brand new episode of the Lame Bike Video series! Once again, everything was "filmed" with just video mode on a regular digital camera. The LBV4 consists of four slightly different segments:
I'd like to call the first chapter "Introduction & Oldies". The intro part has mixed newer riding from 2005 to 2007 while the "Oldies" bears some rare and never seen footage from 1990 til 1994 from Myself and friends. For any modern flatlanders and especially Martti Kuoppa fans out there watch out for Martti riding his Soul Bro in 1994 during one of the roadtrips to Sweden. There's also never ever seen before footage of myself riding the local vert ramp in 1990.
The second chapter is titled "4" and it is my statement for "Soul riding". Meaning, it doesn't matter what tricks you can pull as long as there's fun and good times. While editing this particular chapter my biggest innovator was my long time riding friend Sam with his straight-forward and unique character. I chose the track from 1978 by a legendary first wave punk group called Kollaa Kestää for this part to reflect these thoughts.
The third chapter takes a peek at my silent alter-ego as a skateboarder in his 30's. As some of you might know I started skateboarding 21 years ago in 1986, faded around 1991 and got back in the early new millennium. I am hopelessly stuck with my antics, both in the boards i'm riding and tricks im doing, but i'm happy with them regardless. The "Skateboard Radness with Boneless one & Proffit" is just that, nothing more, nothing less. Old school tricks with 80's style & speed spiced up with original tracks by Sam's long gone punk band called Tredive from their rare demo. If you put your soul into it, it doesn't matter what you do and you will succeed.
Fourth chapter takes us back onto our bikes again with up-tempo music and yet another bunch of good times, tricks and plain sillyness caught on video. Get ready for hi-speed action, weird & "artistic" footage combined with variety of tricks, new and old, hard and easy.
Download LBV4: http://koti.welho.com/kjeskan2/Freestyle/LBV4%2030AUG2007.wmv

TJ Perry:
Link doesn't work :-(

GT Pro Performer!! with tuffs!!! dats da sh*t :ph34r:

This is BMX!!! Speed skateboarding is also great! Cheers for that! Maybe you can provide me Jussis Email. I've been fews years ago a weekend at ruoholahti due to my stay in tallinn an I saw you riding on your Haro Master. Best regards!

wooooo 15 minutes of nonstop action you vid is great brother, when you star to ride?
you second bike is so hot, realy good job......... we whait for the next vid. peace..... ^_^


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