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Mr News Bot:
Stewart Munro took some of the footage that he didn't use for Here Comes The Sun and made a short video for the online community.
It features old og footage from 92 - 94, some links of Simon O'Brien riding his old Ares frame, a nightly session with Seppl in Stuttgart and Nick Watts riding a tight indoor spot.

10 minutes of great riding you shouldn't miss:

Download from the video section

broken link :huh:


--- Quote from: Nlott on August 29, 2007, 06:57:59 PM ---broken link :huh:

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Probably I was about to fix that when you wrote the post ;)

You guys are too fast sometimes ;)

alex caps:
Simon has a siiiick combo with bw half packers, great video!

good video


thats better than here comes the sun leftover
sounds like scrap food to me
this is a better video than that!


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