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Hello critics, I'm Tim (not Chad or Andrew)

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Tim Knoll:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3Ab06Q5iuI Small | Large

yes i kno ur tim it says it in ur name :P

but neways that was sweet! even though i didnt know wat u were doin it just looked hella awesome ;D

are you sure???
just kidding
nice video

Tim Knoll:
Thanks Mutt. I'm always interested to read your opinions. You've got roots.

Mr. TK

You have this style that combines robotics and certain animal like movements in your switch/ motions, anyway this is what I see. The "no music" to your segment: its good to hear pure metal against the concrete, sounds real industrial/tech/raw creating for drama...HA! Keep exploring and being innovative, a true artist does not worry whether others do such or not. You can create a new or give rebirth to the flatland movement be that drive coming from ego, passion, or is reactionary to what may seem in ones perspective as being stagnant.
Well whatever it may be...its refreshing...Neela/ASC


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