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O´Marisquino 2014
« on: April 23, 2014, 08:12:19 PM »
Country: Spain
Location: Vigo, Galiza Spain  
Date: 08.08.2014 - 10.08.2014


The annual contest in Vigo, Spain.

Official Press Release:

Arnette O’Marisquiño will be held on 8, 9 and 10th of August in Vigo.

Finally, Arnette O’Marisquino is back and its stronger than ever. This is the presentation banner which honors to Julio Verne. This event was born 14 years ago as skate contest organized by friends. As we said before “is back stronger than ever.” Why? Because this year Arnette O’Marisquino will be the final phase of the World Skateboarding Cup.

World Skateboarding Cup will be on Vigo thanks to “Diputación de Pontevedra”, so the most important skate contest and will be held in Galicia. There are others before, like: Rio de Janeiro, California or Paris. But, Arnette O’Marisquino will be the last one where everybody will put everything out there to try to win the trophy.

Skaters from all over the world like USA, Japan or Brazil are booking their travel tickets because they don’t want to miss something as big as this contest with 8.000$ prize this one is going to be heavy.

This year the event are working hard on building a new circuit that includes the WCSk8 requirement. New modules and design besides the place that it will be new too. The skatepark will be trasladate from the Plaza de la Estrella, where it use to be, to the side of the sea, the show is garanted!

Dave Duncan will be in Arnette O’Marisquiño. Dave has become a myth at skateboarding and he is one of the most important people in skateboarding history, he’s been through a skateboard revolution in the west coast and his entire life is related with skateboarding. He has a great career in the skate contest organization and since he was young he has been involved in the construction of ramps, skateparks and trannys. Is such an honor to have him at Arnette O Marisquiño as a speaker.

In addition, last year were more than 1,000 riders in Arnette O’Marisquiño’s 9 disciplines: Mountain Bike Dirt Jump, BMX, Flatland, Bboying, Freestyle Motocross, Downhill Mountain Bike, Trial, Graffity and concerts formed this huge festival which had 85,000 spectators. Nobody knows what is going to happen this year!

This festival is much more than simply sport, transcends the competition and every single year riders of different disciplines declare that this is a unique experience. Culture, art and music are an essential part of this event that tranforms Vigo into a huge freestyle party. There are many more surprises to unveil ... So… Stay tuned!





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Spain: O'Marisquino Contest 2014 Date
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2014, 11:18:07 PM »

This year the O'Marisquino contest in Vigo, Spain is going to take place from August 8 to 10. It's confirmed that there will be a flatland contest but unlike last year the contest is not part of the Flatland World Circuit.

If you're interested in Skateboarding then check out the press release. We're unable to understand things that have more than 2 wheels but it says something about World Skateboarding Cup. Sounds important ;-)