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cough cough.. a video.. cough..

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Hello.. I guess it brings me much pleasure to introduce myself to the entire world..

with a video...

It will contain alot of spinning..
Alot of switch hand steam rollers
and.. turbines.. and pumping...
It may even bore the hell out of you..

But it's pretty much what I've got at the moment..

So please.. have a look..

http://youtube.com/watch?v=Sqz1ssuYF4s Small | Large

Thank you..

nice riding my brother. I really enjoyed the turbine crackpacker/wheelchair.

yo thats like the flatland palace/dojo man wtf that place is insaneeeee

nice cowboy gunslingin it at the end ahhaha

Heh.. I just learned the wheel chair stuff... so it may look abit sketched...

Yeah the cowboy thing was rather... homosexual... but it's all happy times..

The spot.. Well it's my spot to ride in.. I got permission to run the lights and fan when I'm there.. so it's heaven I guess..

x james x:
Like your riding. Love your spot!


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