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Steve Lapsley Joins Reklamation Bikes/Quest BMX Team


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News from Reklamation and Quest today!

"Our Reklamation Bikes/ Quest BMX team keeps growing! Today we are very stoked to announce the addition of Steven Lapsley, founder of the Am Flatland Circuit, to the Reklamation Bikes/Quest BMX Collaboration Team!

One of the original Quest BMX team members, founder of the Am Flatland Circuit and easily one of the dopest dudes around. Steven Lapsley continues to push to bring flatland back to the forefront of BMX/Freestyle. As a husband, father, active member of his church, AMFLT and contest organizer, plus working a full time job, Steven has a lot on his plate. However, he continues to find time to ride and progress. You can find Steven at almost every contest as well as local jams throughout the East Coast and Southern Ontario, Canada. "It's an honor and a privilege to represent great companies who have such a passion for BMX and flatland."


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