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Weatherproofing Cables
« on: April 02, 2011, 07:02:33 PM »
I mentioned this in another post, but thought I would make a thread for it specifically. Also I know that right now this isn't all that important because weather is warming up, but I do this no matter what and my brakes always pull like a dream.

Here is a tip on how to "weatherproof" your cables. If its just crazy cold, it wont help much, but in most cases it will help. Of course it doesn't make your break pads work better in the cold, but at least they will pull right:

Here is a tip for how to get your brakes to work during the winter (or at least to keep your cables from binding up).

1. Buy teflon lined housing (duh).
2. Take out the cable and run it over the surface of a candle or some paraffin wax a few times.
3. Get some teflon based spay lube (like tri-flow) and spray it down the housing until it starts coming out the other end. (No WD40! only thing that crap is good for is putting on grips)
4. Put it all back together and rig up your brakes.

After that your cables will stay slick even in the cold. The spray and wax work against each other. It has to get pretty cold at that point for your brakes to bind up due to frozen cables.
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