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Jesse Vetrone:
Da613 was a very good seller. fast shipping and a pleasure to deal with!


--- Quote from: James on February 12, 2007, 06:12:38 PM ---henry is a great seller. I have bought a frame and spindle from him and was very happy with both deals.

--- End quote ---

i whole hearted agree with you, that henry is an ultra great seller! i can personal vouch for him as an honest reputable seller, base on the past transactions for the last two years. i lost count on all the flatland parts he sold me, but i definitely remember all my dealings with henry is "all good!"

johnu773, Great guy, with a great price, nothing but good things to say here.

TJ Perry:
Kabirun gets my seal of approval. Super great guy to deal with, really up front about how everything is going to go down.

Best sellers:


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