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Marketplace Rules
« on: September 14, 2005, 08:59:30 PM »

here are some rules for this forum:

1. If you want to sell or trade something then start a new topic in the For Sale / Trade forum:,13.0.html

2. If you are looking for something then start a new topic in the Wanted... forum:,14.0.html

3. Always try to tell all the important facts. Like technical details of the part you want to sell/buy ( for example TT lenght ... ), the price and where you are from (shipping can get quite expensive ;) ).
A photo would be nice, too. You can use the upload function of the forum.

4. Disclaimar: ( especially the owner of the domain ) is not responsible for the sales you are doing here. There is no liability if you get defrauded or something like this. So be careful. If you post here, then you agree with this disclaimer.

Ok nuff said. Have fun!
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