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Mid School heavy flatland bikes?

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You have some awesome frames. I like mid school and old school frames. I was thinking about trying to buy a Volume Mid a few years ago. The only problem was that the next frame I plan to buy will have a 75 degree or more head tube and a short rear triangle.

Correct if I'm wrong but most midschoool  bikes I have seen are stretched out.

I had a '98 EP with 8 piece bars and a solid steel spindle. Yeah.

It seems to me that in the late 90's, the heavier your bike was, the more hardcore you were.

the morales frame has like 18.4" top tube with 14+" rear triangle.
its down fall is a verry slack 74 head tube angle and super sized seat post is silly.
that and also the stupid 1" head tube that takes old style threaded forks.   

The last Morales that came out acepted 1-1/8 headsets.

I was looking at the parts tab. I saw some eastern flatland forks. The list showed that they weighed in at over 3 pounds. Thats crazy. There are frames that way that now.



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