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Mid School heavy flatland bikes?

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I have been reading about light bikes and how to lighten your bikes etc.... It made me think about the heavy bikes from the late 90s. Granted from that era I'm more read and informed on street setups.
 So what was the heaviest flatland setups you had or remember? How about posting pics of some heavy, flatland tanks...errr I mean bikes.


heres my S&M Sabbath built the way i rode it back in the day...H-E-A-V-Y...


Sabbath's are awesome. What are the frame specs?

my morales is built with semi light weight parts.   but its definately a beast.

my yellow morales is also a beast

my quamen is mid school amazing - and is probly like 35 or 40 pounds

my homeless porn star is more of a mix breed bike - but its heavy as heck too.

the rear pegs on my sabbath are odyssey strong island pegs.  2" by 5"  and weigh a pound each peg.   yeah

mid school aries frame and dyno pac man dropouts frames are heavy as heck too

look at all this metal back there


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