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Re: ROUND3 battle: BEGINNER group (HellzCat vs animal1)
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You're not to bad yourself!  :beer:
Yup, started riding flat in January.

That's pretty insane. I started shortly after you but nowhere near as good.

I think that fact should be taken into consideration too.
Hellzcat has been riding for years I believe
Kinda a shame that I wont be in the next round.
My qualification video is no where near a reflection of my skill today.  
Since then I've learned:
X-footed steam turbine to pivot to x-handed steam.
One footed whiplash to x-footed peg wheelie turbines
Barspin to timemachine to mega spin.

I don't mean to brag, I'm just telling it like it is.

you've been riding for...6...MONTHS?!

dude i was working on my f*@king backward steamrollers still 6 months in and your doing time machines and x foot turbines and stuff?

i quit  ^_^

Uh no  :P  actually I was doing that at about 3.5 months.  My 6th month anniversary was 5 days ago and I'm on some next level sh*t now.  I need to post a video.  Thanks for the compliment.  :beer:

Congrats to the winners.  Enjoy your prizes and bragging rights guys!
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