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The rules:

Sign up

* To participate in a online battle round, you must be signed up.
* To do that, you must send in a qualification video in the sign up active period.
* The qualification video must not be longer than 50 seconds. (check other video rules)
* The qualification video will be used to evaluate your skill level and be signed up for the right group.
* The video will be used in the first battle. Rider can't change the content of it anymore.
* Video link has to be sent to online battle organizer ondo via personal message
* Ondo has the rights not to allow a rider to sign up, if he's going for a class which is too low for his skill level based on qualification video and/or other his videos online.
* Ondo has the right to disqualify a rider if there are any thoughts of entering a weaker class on purpose.
* Disobeying these rules and/or making false weak qualification video will result in disqualification.
* Sign up is active till all the free spots in each group are taken. Minimum 8, maximum 32, average 16. Ondo can choose the number of spots in each group and change it in progress of sign up.


* Your online battle videos have to show only your run for the competition, performed by yourself.
* Videos should be in a quality, so the run is totally clear for the viewers.
* No slow motion, looping and other effects are allowed. Zooming in to make the view clear is allowed.
* Editing, changing views, in a middle of a trick is not allowed.
* Videos can be edited, they don't have to be one shot filmed.
* Tricks should be in frame from start to end. Any trick out of the frame doesn't count.
* Battle runs have to be filmed in the period from sign up start till round finish. Material filmed before the existing round isn't allowed.
* Run length shouldn't be longer than the limit in each -final.
* If the video has a title, then it can be longer as the title length.
* The video should be uploaded in easy viewable media sites and the video settings have to be set to public view.
* After the battle, the videos should be left online for viewing purposes.
* It is advisable to send the video in before the battle, to make things faster. In this case, the video can be private, but on call should be made public.
* If video contains mistakes, it is possible to re-post it, if the battle period is still active.
* If the rider don't want to or can't re-post it, if ondo allows the fact, video can be used in battle, but judges take the violations in consideration.
* The run can be few seconds longer, if the longest combo is on beginning and there are no short tricks, that could be deleted.
* Each battle video must be different. Only beginners can repeat their single tricks and combos. Adding a variation or a link to a combo, counts as a new combo. Run variation is the main goal.
* Ondo has the right to allow the use of extra seconds or other reasons and not to accept it in case of breaking rules.
* Quarter-, semi- and final rounds add more time limit to the run length, it depends on class. These limits are posted in the given class topic.


* Ondo announces a battle between 2 or 3 riders. From that moment riders have a amount of time - 4 days (if not announced different) to send his run to ondo.
* Exact time is visible on the announcement post, so it's clear how much time is left. (ondo is on GMT +2 time zone)
* Extra time or other period variations are possible only with the permission by ondo.
* When ondo has both videos, they are posted on the first and last post of the particular class thread & poll and judge voting is opened.
* Poll votes are just for viewers and don't take any part in the battle result.
* Winner of each battle is determined by judge votes.
* If a rider doesn't post his video or is disqualified, the other rider still has to post his run and take a uncontested win. If it's in a situation of a top 3 battle, then the inactive rider recieves 3rd place.
* If a rider takes an uncontested win, he can repeat the same combos as in the uncontested battle won. Only with ondo's permission the rider can use the same material from the uncontested battle.
* Ondo has the rights to follow on with the next battle if some of the judges are late and the result by votes is already clear.
* When the winner is announced, next battle period begins.
* If a Round is sponsored TOP 3 places of each class recieve prizes.


* Judges have to give their vote as soon as battle videos are posted.
* The vote should be posted on the particular class thread.
* Puting the vote bold and adding explanantion would be even better.
* Judges have to give their explanantions if asked.
* Judges have to take in consideration video rule violations and repeating tricks or combos.
* If a battle is between 3 riders, judges have to post their TOP 3.
* Judges must base their votes not just on the riders run in the current battle, but taking previous runs into consideration, since variety and progression is the main key of the contest.
* If a judge can't do his job on a time period, he should contact ondo in advance.
* Judge personal can change.
* Judges recieve a reserved spot in the class they enter and can send the qualification video only when their first battle starts.

Good luck!

Best trick section? 30 seconds of any trick or link the rider makes up or thinks to be original or something that hasnt been touched on in a while by flatland etc.No class system just who ever enters.  :mellow:


--- Quote from: katobmx on June 18, 2009, 06:27:13 PM ---Best trick section? 30 seconds of any trick or link the rider makes up or thinks to be original or something that hasnt been touched on in a while by flatland etc.No class system just who ever enters.  :mellow:

--- End quote ---

Sounds good!
You won't sign up?  :P

what about team battles?

or crews?

two minutes?

and the bracket thing I was talking about. if you know you have signed up at the beginning you know its basically four brackets down to two then the final.


i know its not possible if people dont register early, but just thinking it'd be visually nice to place in the orignal post as a running update.

 :wub:     no tongue?

I just noticed the "bracket touneys are gay" bit.

this is a customized bracket thingy thats flatland specific then.


Get Pat to toss some product!  :mellow:


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