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I just took it on the chin :P

BEWARE CANADIAN ebay users bidding on U.S. stuff. I bought an FBM Equilibrium on ebay for $80.00 U.S.(great deal), he said shipping would be 50.00 thru fed ex, I said cool(still a good deal)

This was before Christmas 2009.

Today Feb 11/2010, I received a bill for $31.00 from fed ex for duty and taxes because the seller marked the frames value at 150.00. Im sure he did it for replacement value, but make sure you guys iron out the details on shipping, like Karl already mentioned or you too will take it on the chin :P

Hugo @ Portugal:
My personal experiences have been considerable positive until now.

Ordered thrice, one inside EU the other two overseas.

The one time I ordered from Germany (EU) I didn't pay anything extra besides the value I'd already payed to the store. Nice!

The second time, from FF, I had to pay the VAT Portugal practices currently (20%) plus the shipping costs (no idea what they consider this to be).

Still both times from FF were worth it.


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