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I see questions arise all the time on international customs charges and taxes of bike parts, so I'll give a few tips that will hopefully eliminate or reduce your charges. Customs the world over like to put charges on as much imports as possible. This will vary slightly from country to country, but in the end, they want some of your money.

This is for buying OR selling. If you buy some bike parts, ask the seller to do this. If you sell some bike parts, do it for the buyers sake. Here are some tips....

1. Declare the value way under actual costs. Some countries have a limit of between $70 to 100, so the less you put, the better. I would recommend $60 or less on small parcels, and $99 on some bigger/heavier parcels. However, if the real value is like $1000 or more, you may get in more trouble if customs think its worth more than you declared,  and charge you what they think is the value. So keeping it proportionate is safer. Customs have the right to x ray and/or open any parcel they choose.

2. Write GIFT on the declaration form. Far less likely to be taxed with a gift.

3. Write childs bicycle parts. They are less likely to charge taxes on childrens bikes than adults bikes.

4. If possible, use the regular postal service. Using private delivery/courier companies increases the odds of customs examining/holding your parcel. Customs are less interested in the regular postal service. The advantage with private delivery services, {DHL, Fed-X, TNT, Toll, etc} is faster and safer deliveries with tracking. Tracking can be available with standard postal services, but does not do much, {yes I've had stuff go missing like this}.

5. If you are really worried about getting stung STILL after all these precautions, make the items look really dirty and old. This way, if customs open up your parcel, they will just see rubbish and let you off. If you do this , make sure you arrange it with the buyer/seller so no confusion/upsets occur. Its easy to clean up dirt with some cloths.

If you get stung still, it is most likely going to be for items over $100 and a percentage of the total. I once got stung approximately 25% of the value. This was like 15% and various other taxes. A total of around $260 more or less on close to a $1000.

Hopefully this helps. Good luck.  :mellow:

hi  useful tip
good job karl !!!!

some people save money because you

This is good advise however keep in mind also you can't claim the value as being under 60.00 then try to insure it for 500.00 that will raise red flags for sure.


--- Quote from: JOHNU773 on June 03, 2009, 11:37:28 PM ---This is good advise however keep in mind also you can't claim the value as being under 60.00 then try to insure it for 500.00 that will raise red flags for sure.

--- End quote ---

Excellent tip John, thanx.  :mellow:
There's definately alot more things that can be added, so everyone feel free to contribute. I tried to include the important details, but there's always more that can be added.  

I'd like to add Australian customs can charge between 10% - 25% taxes total of an item/s, but in Peru, they charge 50% taxes on every item they can. Its extremely important when sending stuff to Peru to declare very little value.

if the item you're shipping is new, take off all the stickers. Ppl at customs search what is written on these stickers on the internet to find it's real price


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