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Parts and Bikes / Re: Good tires for scuffing
« Last post by mal on Today at 09:41:22 AM »
Great info,Voodoo,thanks!
Lol @ 87' scuffing!

Alias,yes you are right about shoes,i now ride on some airwalks,but i m thinking of trying a waffle vans type sole,probably this pattern will grip better.

The first days on the Ares A-Class were great for scuffing,best grip ever!But once it wore out a bit it was gone.

But i have to say,this tire is great,it didn't slide on some angles that would definitely had me on the floor with the V-Monsters.
General Flatland Forum / Re: Introduce yourself
« Last post by khe killah™ on Today at 07:44:34 AM »
I agree, good to see people joining. I have sorted out the registration now which is a big help.

Onwards and upwards
Parts and Bikes / Re: Good tires for scuffing
« Last post by aliasdck on Today at 04:35:32 AM »
You seem to like these trackmark tires, Voodoo. I may have to give them a try. How are they on slick surfaces?

Mal, are you using good shoes with decent grippy soles? I've found that my shoe choice is as important as which tire I'm using, when it comes to scuffing. Still hunting for the right shoe though... got another thread on it going too, these guys have given me some good recommendations that I'm looking into.
Bike Checks / Re: aliasdck's bike check (27th April 2019)
« Last post by aliasdck on Today at 04:30:34 AM »
Voodoo, I am planning on building up a second bike. I notice you have several. Do you find it difficult to switch between them? I'm thinking having two bikes with different setups (one longer vs one shorter, one breakless vs one with brakes, one taller bars vs one with shorter bars, etc you get the idea) might actually be beneficial. I notice sometimes that when I'm having trouble learning a trick that changing my setup helps because it's like it gives me a different perspective on what I'm doing right and wrong with that trick. Hope that makes sense.

Anyways, do you find it helpful to have more than one bike setup or is it more of a pain constantly having to adjust back and forth between them. Or do you tend to practice certain tricks with each bike?
General Flatland Forum / Re: Introduce yourself
« Last post by aliasdck on Today at 04:21:58 AM »
Quote from: khe killah™
Really good to see new members!!

Yes it is really nice. The forum has been more alive these last couple of weeks and it's great. The more the merrier!
General Flatland Forum / Re: New frames for 2020
« Last post by aliasdck on Today at 04:19:09 AM »
That sounds sad that they won't be doing that trade show anymore. Never been to one though so I can't say for sure.

Thanks for all info guys.

Anyone know of any awesome frames that will be coming out soon? I am saving for a new frame because I'd like to build a second bike but i probably won't have enough money until after the new year. Maybe by then there will be some newer frames to choose from.
Bike Checks / Re: aliasdck's bike check (27th April 2019)
« Last post by Voodoo on Yesterday at 11:07:00 PM »

You'd be surprised what a little difference makes. A real difference.

For example - I needed lots of room on my 17.9 I went from a Flatware stem to an Odyssey, 45mm frontload...and that bike flips forward so easily, it's insane. Granted, it's a very short frame to begin with. But that 17mm changed the entire leverage point of the bike in a drastic way. When I ride one of my other rigs after riding that one, it feels like I have bricks in the back of the bike for the first 15 minutes.
Parts and Bikes / Re: Good tires for scuffing
« Last post by Voodoo on Yesterday at 10:45:34 PM »

Dude, I scuff like it's 1987.

I've used about every tire in the book.

The S&M Trackmark tire is superior in quality and best for scuffing. Good grip on your foot but not too much. The rubber is superior as well. Best part? They're 24.99 at FlatlandFuel right now.

The KHE Mac 1 is good as well...However, quality has gone down on that tire. They blow out a lot.

The Frequency G is okay...but in my opinion, not the best for old school scuffers. It's a good tire, though.

The Maxxis Grifter is similar to the S&M Trackmark...but the Trackmark still beats it.

I won't even waste time going into details on the rest... 

The S&M Trackmark wins. And it's only 15 oz...which isn't bad for a good tire. It doesn't even feel like a folding tire after you've installed it.

One more detail - the Trackmark is a true 1.75" tire. And they last a LONG time.


General Flatland Forum / Re: New frames for 2020
« Last post by Voodoo on Yesterday at 07:58:19 PM »
Maybe it will all change now that the 2018 Interbike Trade Show was very likely the last one.

I wasn't aware of that...I'm out of the public loop...was it a total flop? Or steady decline?

Parts and Bikes / Good tires for scuffing
« Last post by mal on Yesterday at 06:59:14 PM » guessed my age!
I do both,rolling and scuffing.
I was using V-Monsters before i let flatland go from me and i was fine,now that i returned to the flat earth i bought some Ares A-Class (regular compound) and they are VERY good and stable for rolling but don't have ANY grip for scuffing.

I ride on marble and tennis/street basketball smooth concrete.
Would the Ares silicon compound ones be better?Any other suggestions?
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