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Bike Checks / Mutt's Bike Setup
« Last post by rideflat43 on Today at 07:54:13 AM »

Mutt's Current Bike Setup

Click to enlarge...

Motel Works Frame and Fork-Black
Brickhouse Shorty Mutt Stem-Black
Hammer Gyro Cover..Thank you Robert aka RL-Red
Odyssey G3 Detangler Gyro
Odyssey shorty upper Pro Flatland cable and reg. lower cable
Ryal Goods Dylan Worlsey Bars..26" width/6.75" Height-Black
Brickhouse Knobbley Bar Ends
KHE 32 SPK Black Wheels-Front and Back
Premium Bikes Tubular Light Pegs..Front and Back
KHE 1.75 Premium Tires
Profile 165mm Magnesium Cranks with Titanium Spindle-Silver
Ryal Goods 28T spocket-Black
KMZ Z410 Chain-Black
Odyssey Platform Neon Green Pedals
Brakes-Front and Back-Dia-Tech AD 996 Hombre with Fiesta Upgrade/Gold bling bling front
MacNeil Travis Collier Pivotal Seat
Odyssey Pivotal Seatpost


General Flatland Forum / Re: How do you practice/progress?
« Last post by rideflat43 on Today at 05:14:02 AM »
Just enjoy riding..the tricks and things will come with getting on your bike
with practice!

More photos are going up maybe tomorrow
and I am always adding things to the art page!

One of my hobbies since I am going to work and
then going straight home to my complex,since I
have a daily pass for that only(martial law pretty

I can ride in my complex at the spot at the bottom
of my street and then I also work on my page,besides
going to work and that is it!

The photos are in Huntington beach Hyatt/Hilton Spot
where us fugutives use to ride from the mid 1980's to
around 1994 or so...This is also where the Tuesday Night
Flatland ride happens every Tuesday with riders like Martin
A. and others ride.Gabe Weed and several others flatlanders
also ride there during the week on a regular basis!(Tower 13
parking lot)

The other spot is at the Newport Beach spot,which some
ride at and is the location of the annual One Love Jam like
each year.I look forward to riding at both spots when we go
down for the One Love Jam every year!

Motel 6 in Costa Mesa is where we stay and is right down the
street from Gabe's Bmx Shop.. Cheap Goods Bmx!
General Flatland Forum / Re: How do you practice/progress?
« Last post by nosubsteve on Yesterday at 10:31:28 PM »
Yeah but hydro, how do we go from that to pro?!?

Asking for a friend.
Flatland Media / Re: Art Page That Has Flatland Freestyle Photos In It
« Last post by khe killah on Yesterday at 10:02:53 PM »
That looks like a sweet place to ride! Good find Craig!
Flatland Media / Re: Art Page That Has Flatland Freestyle Photos In It
« Last post by aliasdck on Yesterday at 07:32:12 PM »
This is awesome mutt, thanks
Flatland Media / Re: Art Page That Has Flatland Freestyle Photos In It
« Last post by nosubsteve on Yesterday at 07:24:55 PM »
Dope. I don't have a Deviant account any more but I might have to set up again... still looking for a platform that works for what I do with art/music/video.
General Flatland Forum / Re: What trick are you working on?
« Last post by hydrostyler on Yesterday at 07:15:53 PM »
For the last couple years I've had it in my mind to want to get multiple whiplashes and a hitch hiker added to the trick list.  I set out to practice them, but have a hard time committing to keeping the bike forward after the 1st whiplash and hesitate to drop the bars down for the hitch hiker.  During this Corona lockdown, I built one of the balance trainer peg holder contraptions.  It seems to build confidence by letting you feel the movements of the bike, but in a safer way.  I'm hoping to build muscle memory and take it to the pavement when the weather and improves.
I literally will be riding and little kids mock me on their bikes and call me a 'ballerina'

Have you tried not wearing the tutu?
General Flatland Forum / Re: Flatlanders get no respect
« Last post by nosubsteve on Yesterday at 07:06:31 PM »
I learned this trick many years ago, and it's always worked for me since:

Do Not Stop.

Kids at a skatepark don't learn anything if you're constantly stopping and waiting for them. They just don't. The logic that would usually dictate they should move or be in a different place doesn't exist, and the same goes for adults, who've never experienced freestyle BMX in any capacity.

It doesn't matter how much you tut, or pull an angry face when you're courteous enough to get out of THEIR way, you've already made the assumption that they come first. This is not the case. They are in YOUR way, and they will learn to move out of it.

I'm not saying deliberately plough into people, but put yourself first; it works very well for me. If they do something stupid, then a loud 'HEY WATCH OUT' will do the job, and that will send the shock they need to re-evaluate their position in the same way a rider on an obvious path towards them *should* do.

It may be worth mentioning that where I come from, dogs who bite people get put down. Dogs peeing on your bag is just f*cking funny though :P   
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