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Title: Toronto Jam/Comp Opportunity.
Post by: shanethecrane on August 22, 2019, 06:12:30 AM
I don't want to put this into the events section yet as there is no official date or anything yet and I need some input. For Sept 2020 I have the go ahead to organize a flatland jam(or comp) at a major tattoo convention. The only requirement is we put on entertainment. Easy...Done. I have organized events in the past but it has been a long while (Toronto Bicycle Show 2000). I can provide us with a two day indoor event (three if we want to ride Friday evening) and I'd like to elevate it to a comp if possible. Pretty sure I can bring in outside sponsorship and we'll have a big crowd. Pro purse and lots of prize seem no problem. What I don't have is judges. I can put together a jam no problem but if I want to run it as a comp what I don't have access to or know anything about NOW is judging. I can easily have the riders judge their peers but that just doesn't seem to cut it to me this day and age. Anyways, I'd welcome some input in that regard. I know it's early but having my ducks lined up early is how I make this thing a big success. I will reach out to industry sponsors and stuff as I nail details down but tentative is Sept 18,19,20 2020 "Covered" Tattoo Convention in conjunction with Sullen Canada and Villain Arts. I welcome early conversation if you want to contribute. Help me make this happen and it's very possible we can have this event every year. Judges or Jam? Thanks in advance.

Side note: As a result of the timing of this event I won't be running Ham Jam in Sept but will be looking to move it to an earlier date and probably around June but I'll look at the the timing of other events first.
Title: Re: Toronto Jam/Comp Opportunity.
Post by: metalbmxer on August 23, 2019, 05:14:56 PM
Legit this truly sounds amazing
Title: Re: Toronto Jam/Comp Opportunity.
Post by: shanethecrane on August 23, 2019, 05:29:18 PM
 It certainly could be. It's my group putting the event on so we can absolutely have a flatland event at a tattoo convention if we want it.