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Title: Indigo Industrial BMX X SCMT La Familia for Chris Böhm
Post by: Indigo Industrial BMX on July 21, 2012, 06:59:44 PM

Maybe for BMX riders both in Indonesia and the world, are not necessarily familiar with the name Chris Böhm (, one of the best BMX Flatland riders from Germany. a variety of photos, videos and news articles about Chris Böhm ( familiar we meet. The videos can be accessed at (, already described how the fame of a Chris Böhm ( Not to mention the dozens of beautiful and sexy woman that is surrounding. As if to say to us, that he is a Super Sexy and high-minded. this case that would illustrate, that Flatland is the most aesthetically Pleasing of all genres BMX. In Indonesia, for now we can see how he plays with his bike through a video which he shared with we all. Fast, lively, full of great strength and accountable to what have given by the Almighty. But that's a miracle that owned Chris Böhm ( And hopefully one day he could take the time to visit Indonesia. God Bless ...

On this day, Saturday July 21 2012, Indigo Industrial BMX ( and SCMT La Familia ( given the opportunity by the Almighty to work again be creative. Provide a value-added of Community BMX in Indonesia on the world, and Chris Böhm ( which we believe that brand Indonesia can contribute to the world. Through a touch of "exotic" his riding flatland. And here's a little gift we can give to the world, through a Chris Böhm (, I hope you enjoy :D


The evidence shipping ( to Chris Böhm ( click here (