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About me: Wow, long story, started when I was 6yrs I jumped over a wagan.
raced 1986 off and on till 2008 taken alot on #1 titles and nag plates.
Dirt jumped off and on at places to find doing one handers, no footers, look backs, and ect.
Did ramps for a little while but didn't pan out after busting a knee, & ligaments.
Flat land I have done for years off and on, surfers, scuffers, rolls, gut stands,.ect.
I'v done parades, shows, and just plain screwed around to have fun.
Love the BMX fans, familys and friends- its to thick in the blood. LOVE IT!

Now, I have a KGB phsycoConnnectia, black/gold.....Love the bike.!

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2011-02-20 20:31:20 -

I finially got swiss miss bars! yeah! alot lighter and love the no stem and pitch. thanks to my friend who got some new bars insted.

2011-01-04 05:10:43 -

made a dum mistake, ordered a new fork off flatland fuel- found out it was to short for a gryo, so had to get another one and spend more money....god what a pain.
so now i have to sell the other fork.

2010-12-27 02:48:51 -

So wish those Swiss Miss bars would come in!

2010-12-23 23:55:36 -

yeah !!! my bikes getting closer yet! now got the front wheel, black with gold nipps to match the back, DK hub is super nice. Still waiting for my swiss miss bars, brakes, and now cranks, Gryo i think is going to be a prob. getting on the bike hopefully theres enf. space.

2010-12-08 04:30:05 -

Got my new products for my KGB today from flatland was like x-mas!....just waiting on my swiss miss bars and front gold spokes to come in and will be done...put together again!

2010-11-22 02:37:10 -

I finially got my new rear wheel ordered and put together!
black sulo rim,gold spokes/nipples, black nankia freecoaster happy. just got fork/bars/front wheel to go...yeah

2010-10-25 21:30:35 -

take one day at a time....

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