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2011-05-23 13:56:41 -

Hey Cris. The bike is yours bro. I sent some St. Martin cranks to Matt in London ("Melon Lover" on the GF forum), and the shipping was a little more than $20, so I'm thinking the frame weighs a shade more than the cranks. Let me know how you want to go about things, my man. I use paypal. I've already broken down the frame and she's ready to go.

2010-12-07 08:28:16 -

Yeah man, sucks hard... Typical uk, iced over or raining! Roll on summer ;)

2010-11-14 03:58:16 -

Yeah dude no prob! very sexy set up! xD

2010-06-23 23:28:48 -

Sick tattoo's bro!

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