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About me: My name its Andrew born in Wisconsin raised in Venezuela living in Miami... i started flatland march 2008 so far riding by my self trying to do my first trick, recently looking for a computer job, live by myself. Like to chill with the homies, smoking hookah, party, ride my bike around always finding new places to practice. I'm 20 btw on may ill be 21 so the crazy party its coming :D hopefully see u guys around... PEACE

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2008-07-25 07:39:55 -

so are you still riding flatland?
hit me up if so
I am always riding and want more ppl to sesh with.

2008-05-04 20:14:25 -

I did not think that in Miami are riding flatland =)
Thought when I shall come there, I shall be riding one =)
You one who are ride in city?

2008-04-25 07:15:31 -

Whaaaaaaaaaats Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuup! So you rode earlier huh. if only u told me ahead of time. All good tho, we shall bust it fland soon. So what u got planned for ur big 21 day?

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