KHE - the CRISMAN freecoaster (2014)

KHE - the CRISMAN freecoaster (2014)

Name: the CRISMAN freecoaster (2014)
Company: KHE ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 638 g ( = 1.41 lbs )
Infos: We have recently developed a new Freecoaster hub in cooperation with the one & only Bruce Crisman. There is no other rider who has pushed backwards Street riding as much as Bruce has and we are proud to show you our latest Freecoaster hub version called the “CRISMAN” hub!

Special features from this hub are the long time tested ACB bearings, hollow male axle, bigger gap & the new LHD & RHD option.

The hub comes built-up as RHD but if you buy an extra driver & cone you can easily modify the hub to LHD! This is made possible by a new way of shell production and a true innovation to the classic freecoaster system!

As we all know, the current system is a driver combined with a clutch-alike counterpart. Usually, this engages to the inner hubshell. And that has been the problem in the past. The inner shell part was usually screwed in, which made it impossible to just change the driveside. I done so, the shell would simply be torn apart.

The innovation is the detail of the shell. Instead of screwing it in, the shell is pinned. That way, a simply change of driver/clutch/cone is all you need to switch the hub vom the stock RHD to LHD.

The new CRISMAN hub will be available in May 2014. Stay Tuned!

Statement from Bruce:

"Over the past 7 years KHE and I have developed the most reliable Freecoaster hubs that I have ever ridden throughout my BMX career. As for our newest Signature product; I am most impressed with how this hub offers even more slack to avoid pedal engagement during fakie tricks down large stair sets. And for those of you that prefer as little slack as possible; the hub feels as close to a cassette as you can get with a Freecoaster, right out of the box. I am honored to call this model the "CRISMAN" hub."
Axle 14mm hollow
Color black
Sealed ACB sealed bearings
Spokes 36
Teeth 9T stock RHD // optional LHD (replacement kit with driver/clutch/cone sold seperately)
Type Freecoaster


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4.8 of 5 (5 ratings)


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