G-Sport - Taper-Hex Nipples

G-Sport - Taper-Hex Nipples

Name: Taper-Hex Nipples
Company: G-Sport ( All parts of this Company )
Weight: 0 g ( = 0.00 lbs )
Infos: The same thing said about the lack of innovation in rims can be said for spoke nipples. Most people donít think about the little nipples that hold their spokes to the rims, but George isnít most people. Ordinary aluminum nipples have a bad reputation for rounding off, but our patented Taper-Hex Nipple shape makes it work better than brass. The tapered hexagon shape means that the key can easily slide down the nipple to fit perfectly and transmit maximum torque without deforming. GSport 7075 aluminum Taper-Hex Nipples work better than traditional brass ones. Since the key slides on and off so easily, they are easier to adjust, and they save an ounce per wheel without any real loss in strength. The spoke key itself is custom forged and precision wire eroded for a perfect fit.

Each pack comes with 50 Taper-Hex Nipples and 1 tool.
Color Black, High-Polished, Gold, Red, Purple, Green, Blue


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