KHE - Reverse Limited Edition

KHE - Reverse Limited Edition

Name: Reverse Limited Edition
Company: KHE ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 650 g ( = 1.43 lbs )
Infos: In addition to of our new GREYHOUND hub line, we are still offering the classical REVERSE freecoaster.

With the 1pc axle, ACB bearings and bushing in the driver, it is certainly the strongest Freecoaster ever produced.

With his 1pc 14mm hollow CrMo axle, this hub is as simple and straight forward as it gets. It is also an economic alternative to the newer Greyhound hubs

The hub is available in different colour including our special Greyhound colour.
Axle 1pc 14mm hollow CrMo axle
Color black or grey
Sealed ACB berarings
Spokes 36
Teeth 9T RHD
Type Freecoaster


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