Tioga - StreetBlock 1.95

Tioga - StreetBlock 1.95

Name: StreetBlock 1.95
Company: Tioga ( All parts of this Company )
Weight: 487 g ( = 1.07 lbs )
Infos: Hey, let´s take the PowerBlock and make it into a street tire - easy right? Sure, if 10 months of testing and 3 mold changes is consider easy. Why the trouble? Well, as it´s been a while since we developed a street tire we obsessed over the details to make sure we got it right. So the seemingly minor changes over its cousin, they actually took some major effort. But we think you´ll appreciate our obsession.

PneuMax 110 PSI Casing
Folding Bead
APP All-Purpose Rubber Compound
20x2.25 - 19.9oz; 565g
20x2.15 - 18oz; 510g
20x1.95 - 15.9oz; 452g

PneuMax 110 PSI Casing
Steel Bead
APP All-Purpose Rubber Compound
20x2.25 - 21.16oz; 600g
20x2.15 - 19.22oz; 545g
20x1.95 - 17.18oz; 487g
Color black
PSI 110
Size 1.95", 2.15", 2.25"


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