Freestyle Now in Japan for Flatark 2017


Freestyle Now in Japan for Flatark 2017

Original comment: Freestyle Now squad member Shaun Jarvis headed to Japan once again for the Flatark bmx flatland contest. He was joined by squad members Paul Chamberlain and Dez Maarsen. Shaun spent 10 days in Japan and made a video for each day which has been put together in this epic 2 hour video. A lot happens in 10 days.
Shaun ended up with a 23rd place out of 39 riders in the expert class. Dez took the top 8 in the open class out of a field of 55 riders. so congratulation to both riders.
The journey starts in Perth Western Australia and the crew travels to Kobe and Osaka taking in the culture and riding scene, riding with many riders from around the world.

Posted: 4 years ago

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