Obsolete Vol. II


Obsolete Vol. II

Original comment: Back at it a year later for volume 2. Dudes (Northeast Bad Boys)are still riding after work, everyone is still having fun, hanging out, and the scene is really thriving. Despite the looming dark cloud of people's distaste for the current state of bmx, there are still really awesome things happening at all times, all over the place and thats what keeps us going. Hang out with your friends, ride some bikes, and enjoy a crisp refreshing bud light lime or something.

Riders :
Andrew Beaupre
Ryan Martin
Conor Hobbs
Joshua Lyford
Shane Lavoie
Al Borelli
Toby Pettinelli
Matt Gaspar
James Leger
Derek Anderson
Zach Burns
Adam Sanderson
Derek Witt
Cody Diggs
Dwayne Scruton
Pablo Maguire
James Bennett
Mannie Nogueira
Jamie Cooper-Ellis
Dave Estes

Posted: 5 years ago

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