AFA Series 2019 Schedule + Video Contest


AFA Series 2019 Schedule + Video Contest

The first 2 rounds of the AFA series 2019 have been announced as well as a video contest for the expert class (more details here). A few of the changes for 2019:

"First, we are holding four expert class video contests. One winner per contest will receive a free flight to the next AFA round. US residents only, and a you can only win one time per year.
Another change for amateur riders, class podium winners will now receive prize packs from Flatland Fuel. And finally, we are giving away a total of $500 in Flatland Fuel gift cards, for the expert class year-end podium winners this year."

The 2019 schedule looks like that:

March 9th in United States: AFA Round 1 - California
May 4th in United States: AFA Round 2 - Michigan

The followings rounds are still to be announced. The final round is planned in Denver in November.

Posted: 2 years ago

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