Jean-William Prevost wins FISE Budapest + Footage


Jean-William Prevost wins FISE Budapest + Footage

Aaaand another big victory for Dub! After Montpellier he won the 2nd stop of the FISE series in Budapest. Congratulations! That obviously keeps him on top of the overall ranking of the series.

Watch the replay of the finals. Thanks to the FISE crew for this high quality production.

FISE Budapest Results
1st Jean William Prevost 
2nd Moto Sasaki
3rd Alex Jumelin
4th Matthias Dandois
5th Benjamin Hudson
6th Adam Kun

World Series Ranking after Stop 2
1st Jean-William Prevost
2nd Matthias Dandois
3rd Benjamin Hudson
3rd Alex Jumelin (same score)
5th Moto Sasaki
6th Viki Gomez
7th Kevin Jacob
7th Adam Kun (same score)

Posted: 4 years ago

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