Alexis Desolneux - Heresy Edit


Alexis Desolneux - Heresy Edit

Wondering what Alexis has been up to lately? He is still working on the well known hard whiplash variation as well as having some fun in the local concrete park. Besides that he coming up with innovative products for Heresy

"Riding street and park again for a couple years now, I've been dreaming about these flatland and street parts, hoping to make a bike as functional as possible for both kinds of riding, including when both meet. We designed the DESCEND 0/15 with our longer sizes of AscenD frames (20" & 20,5") in mind. I've always felt that forks were an issue if you wanted to ride more than flatland. The 15mm offset has proved to be a good offset if you need to bring in some of your front wheel flat moves to street and it's also OK for transitions but I do prefer zero offset for flatland, it's more reactive, especially riding a longer frame — the dilemma is over and these forks are freedom. Male or female hub, it is really easy to switch from the zero offset to the 15mm offset if you want to go ride street or park."

Posted: 5 years ago

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