Fusion Jam: Gergely Szajer wins + Photo Gallery


Fusion Jam: Gergely Szajer wins + Photo Gallery

Not only the Mulafest had a bunch of fun contests but also the Fusion Jam in the Netherlands. You can find all the results below. We assume the hard crash award wasn't planned and wish all the best to Gilles who looked a bit destroyed by flatland crash standards ;-) Gergely Szajer from Hungary / Germany won the regular contest. Congratulations! LastMinute Media shared a big photo gallery with us including some ramp and concert photo as well. Check it out: Fusion Jam 2015 Gallery

Progressive rider award: Jorrit van Drumpt.
Hard crash: Erik Hogers (tie with Gilles van de Sompel... get well soon!)
Bike limbo: Gilles van de Sompel
Rolling trick battle: James Alberto
Knock out game: Pim van den Bos
Fork glide race: Ruud

Normal tricks jam:
1st Gergely Szajer
2nd Barre Neijrynck
3rd Sietse van Berkel
4th Omar Lammers
5th Aborigino Sandino Stuart
6th Jorrit van Drumpt
7th Ron Lichtenberg
8th Kiran Kertodirjo
9th Jos Hady

Posted: 6 years ago

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