Bobby Carter Bikecheck


Bobby Carter Bikecheck

Bobby recently built a new bike with a Sampa frame: "Sampa is from Brazil and is produced by Master Bikes. For more information about Sampa and my frame, contact Marcos Paulo de Jesus."

Frame: The Sampa "PIG" frame by Marcos Paulo de Jesus.
-Top tube: 19.5"
-Rear triangle: longer than usual
Fork: Oddysey - zero offset
Sprocket: Magic Fruits - Jellyfish
Pedals: Odyssey "Aloha" edition twisted from (Arigato Moto Sasaki!)

All the rest of the parts are from my previous build
Gsport rims (birdcage and roll cage)
Front hub: Vandero2
Rear hub: KHE Greyhound
Headset: Eastern, Headset spacers: 059brand
Stem: Flatware
Bars: Autumn
Front brake: Odyssey evo II
Levers: Odyssey
Cranks: Odyssey Twombolt 170mm
Seatpost: Ceneca
Seat: Macneil pivotal Travis Collier
Pegs: Sick Child street sweepers

Posted: 6 years ago

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