York Jam 2014 Report by Joe Cicman + Photos


York Jam 2014 Report by Joe Cicman + Photos

Joe kindly shared some thoughts on his first trip to the York Jam with us. It's written in the distinctive Cicmanesque way ... enjoy the show ;-)

This was my first York Jam. Not sure why it took me so long. I remember when George Clark, Chuck Amicone, and Zack Yankush came back from the first one ´89, ´90 or ´91 with stories of what went down. BTW - That was my one obligatory "back in my day" segment - but I couldn´t help thinking about how freaking long this thing has been happening and how cool it is that it´s still happening.... read the full article

Furthermore Scott Nagy took a bunch of cool photos: York Jam 2014 Gallery (or on Flickr)
Thanks for sharing!

Posted: 7 years ago

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