Viki Gomez - Moto Promo, Ares Team


Viki Gomez - Moto Promo, Ares Team

Viki is giving some love to the bmx companies these days. He joined the Ares Team as you may have heard and released a promo video for his signature Moto pedals today:

'Here is the promo video of my signature Moto Bicycles Pedals! Always everybody wonder about the design of the pedals, this video shows one of the variations you can do with them! I ve never seen this trick done by anyone before so I call it the "Moto Pivot". Enjoy it!'

Another comment on joining the Area Team from Viki's Facebook page: 
'I m so happy to announce that I will be riding for Aresbikes using all the best parts in my Orbea Rude Frame! I love Japan and I am happy to be part of what is today the best company of BMX Flatland! We will grow together and make Flatland bigger worldwide!'

Posted: 7 years ago

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