Baška Voda Flatland Jam


Baška Voda Flatland Jam

Country: Croatia
Location: Baška Voda
Date: Friday 6th September - Sunday 8th September 2013

Dear Flatlanders...

In Baska Voda, Croatia, on 7.9.2013 (saturday) we are organizing a BMX Flatland Show. It is the first show of this size in Dalmatia. The whole event would be in the period 6.9. - 8.9.2013. We need skilled riders so we hereby invite you to join this event. In consultation with sponsors who are currently the town and the Croatian tourist boards, they can provide all riders with free accommodation and food. Once we know the final number of riders we'll see if they can give us more money for other things.

Show will be held in the town center, next to the main beach. Riding area of about 300m2 and is perfectly flat and ideal for flatland. During the evening of the show we will have a DJ, lighting and everything necessary for a viewer attraction.
During the day riders will be able to ride on school playground and other places where there is less people or chill at the beach and so whatever they want.

Baška Voda is a small tourist town in Dalmatia with many great beaches, beach bars and places to go out partying and have fun.
We need a total of around 15 good riders for this year. It took me 6 years to make this thing happen and if it all goes well next year we will have a bigger budget so we can organize a proper jam or contest.

I am looking forward to seeing you here. For all information contact me on

Ante Bekavac

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