Fork Glide

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Fork Glide is another one of the key basics to flatland. It's easy to learn because it's easy to walk into and roll forever.

The keys to this trick are to stand up straight and not lean over the bars...use your arms for side to side balance just like riding a bike and put your free leg back just enough so the back end doesn't come up. I would learn this on a decline at first and then on flat ground where you can scuff the tire with your free leg to gain speed.

When you get good, you're going to want to learn to do the trick with each foot on either peg, every way possible. This will help down the road. You can also do these 1 handed and no handed.

To ride in, do a half-hydrant....To ride out, jump switch your feet, put your other foot on the back peg. Move all weight to back foot while you apply your brake(s), turn your bars 180 and step on the pedal with your free foot. Without brakes this must be done a lot quicker, like in the video.

This trick should take you a couple weeks to nail if you have trackstands dialed and you practice, practice, practice! Go Ride!



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