Author Topic: New to the Forums? Guidelines, Tips & Tricks! Read!  (Read 63215 times)

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New to the Forums? Guidelines, Tips & Tricks! Read!
« on: August 05, 2007, 02:18:02 PM »
First Off, I'd like to say welcome to the Flatland Community!

I thought this might be a good idea to have, since the forums have been getting a little redundant these days with the same topics over and over and over.  I know I don't want to read the same thing 3 times in a day, so here we go!  Following these suggestions/guidelines should make everyones visit to the forums here much more fulfilling!

1. First and foremost, before you create a new topic, use the SEARCH feature of the forums to search and see what topics have already been created and see what you can learn from them.  The Search button is located directly above the advertisement banner at the top of the forum page.  This practice could and will save space/database room on the server, plus you could have your question answered in less than 30 seconds, without waiting for a reply!  Don't be afraid to bring a thread back from the dead if you have something to offer.

2. Please introduce yourself, if you are new and haven't already, in the 'Introduce Yourself' Topic.  We like to know all the new people getting into the sport!

3. Make sure that your posts/new topics are going into the right forum.  We have different forums for different subjects, and even international forums, so take a look around and get familiarized.

4. Please don't bring the drama here.  Save that for other, already out of control, forums.  Global-Flat strives to be a very unique place for all flatlanders to get together and discuss life with each other.  Don't ruin that with spam and forum wars that can't be won.  And please don't threaten people as that is just childish on the internet. 
If you want to bring drama, take it up here: FIGHT CLUB

5. We run a tight ship on the marketing forums, so don't be that guy trying to rip people off. 

6. Please don't mis-use the forums for free advertisement of any sort.  If you would like to join the marketing aspect of and have your stuff advertised here, you must contact Martin first.  And I'm talking about true advertising, not putting your myspace link/website link in your signature. :) Thanks.  (Rule of thumb - Just contact Martin for permission first!)

7. Don't write with CAPS LOCK turned on.

8. Don't write doubleposts. If you want to add or change your last post then use the edit button.

9. Check out the new Tricks Section if your having trouble learning a trick!

10. If you only want to post a link ( youtube video etc ) then explain the content with at least one sentence. Not only "check this out".

11. This is supposed to be a fun, happy place!  So far, it has been nothing but an awesome home for most flatlanders around the world.  Let's keep it that way so we have a very cool place to chill for the rest of our days.  :mellow:

Thanks again, and enjoy your stay here at!

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Re: New to the Forums? Guidelines, Tips & Tricks! Read!
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2008, 02:20:14 PM »
Hi all,

I thought I would just add a quick 'how to' on changing your own forum display name and/or password.

This will not change your login details at all, but will only change the forum display name.

1. Click on the link near the top of the page saying, "My Profile".

2. Click on Modify Profile - Account Related Settings.

3. Type your new display name in the 'Name' field. The new password goes in the password field. Please ensure you fill in both password boxes.

4. Type your old password down the bottom, and click 'Change Profile'

5. Done!!!
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