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50 years b-day edit

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Hope you enjoy it:

Hello, that is a gread video! You have such good whiplash skills, respect! I have seen some of your videos in the past and must say it is remarkable how your riding evolved.
By the way: I like your handlebar. Is it a custom bar? True Graveyard look in bigger size...
Your choice of music is also interesting. I like Radiohead a lot but it typically does not fit so well to riding. Here it works! The only edit that I remember with a Radiohead song was from Lee Musselwhite.
Sorry to see that your mother has passed away. And it is very nice to hear that she has supported your riding. Not many parents understand our passion.
I hope to see more video from you in the future!

Thank you very much, DaddyCool.

The bars are custom Graveyard Ti replicas done my Malo  (PiR)- 9.7"tall, 25.5" wide and 12 degrees of backsweep, they feel great.

It's been very difficult loosing my mom and I got to say that filming wasn't very easy at times. But I'm glad I pushed though and completed the edit. She's definitely enjoying it in some way or another. The song by Radiohead brings an atmosphere of melancholy and sadness...which is exactly how I'm feeling at this moment. Happy that to see it fit too.

khe killah:
Great skillz, those whiplashes are very motivational.

Lovely looking bmx too, the colour scheme and choice of parts is spot on.

Thanks KHE Killah.

The frame, bars and fork are powdercoated in a finish called "Playbloy Blue"...I don't care about that name, but it does pop!


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