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Tech Bike Co (Dustin Reese and Trevor Watring) has existed for maybe a year or so and they have 2 frames that are now available.

The Trident frame has a midschool design with platform, made in the USA.

Albes is carring these in 20.5 and 21 but there may be other sizes available.

The other frame is The Clone, same geometry as the Trident but without the platform.

lame stay to dropout transition. the colors pop tho which is nice

good to see other options out there

To be fair these are designed mostly for park, but they do also ride some flatland.
There are always compromises, and these are will work great as a general purpose with that midschool look.

I almost pulled the trigger on the trident frame.  I like that they made with with the old school philosophy in mind.


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