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Re: Titanium Twin Top Tube Laird frame
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Quote from: @woodyitson

I finally built myself a new bike, one last build before I hang it up for good.  I had always wanted a double top tube bike but never owned one and I wanted a lighter bike than the one I was currently on.  Both goals were achieved thanks to Mike Laird.  This Ti-Laird frame and fork are about half the weight of my old F&F.  Some of the components are hold overs from my old bike, mainly the wheels, stem, bars, and brakes. The crank set up is all new, much lighter than my olds ones, and went together super easy.  I want to thank Gabe Weed and Cheap Goods for helping me out with the new school parts I needed to finish up my new ride.  I had forgotten how your finger tips feel after a day of rebuilding a rear coaster brake hub, setting up an Oryg, and dealing with all the brake adjusting stuff in tight areas, not to mention your fingers smelling like grease for dinner afterwards. Everything went together super easy, I guess that is to be expected when you have a frame and fork built by a world class frame builder.  I took a quick ride around before I hooked up the brakes and could instantly notice the weight difference in regards to the handling. I also made a slight geometry change from my previous bike with some assistance from Mike and itís much more responsive than my old bike.  This is the year I will turn 60, hopefully this new bike we be the change that inspires me to ride a little bit more than once a year.  Things lately have been a bit trying and sometimes life gives us challenges that we never asked for, Iím very lucky to have a very supportive wife and kids. Happy 2023 everyone.

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Re: Titanium Twin Top Tube Laird frame
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Nice! thanks for posting
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