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Custom BMX head angles are confusing me?


Hi Everyone,

I'm finally getting round to getting round to getting a custom frame made, but he frame builder want to know what fork I'm using? As we all got used to 'just buying a frame' off the peg with a 75 degree head angle. I was hoping that some one could tell me if this head angle is with a full offset fork (AKA 35mm rack) when put into bike CAD?

Hope someone out there has a idea? and my thanks' for any opinions on this very technical question.


Hello, it is very important to know the distance from the center of the hub axle to the bearing race on your fork (lower end of the lower headset bearing). This is not 100 % constant for different forks and will affect the HT angle. So if the frame builder doesn't know, he can not make sure to build the angle that you want. So measure the distance and let him know. For my Flatware Zero fork it is 31.6 cm. I hope that helps.

Thanks DaddyCool,

Great information. The bike is being drawn up on BIKE CAD, so I believe all of thoughs factors are being taken into consideration. But will have a little measure with a cup of tea later.

Thanks again.

Sorry for bring this up again.

Just realised after looking at a few BMX frame diagram. The Forks are set at O degree rake when the frame is being designed. Obvious I guess and hope some will get something out of this useless info when designing their own custom frame one day. ::)



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