Author Topic: No one around me seems to want to learn flatland? It confuses me why there arnt  (Read 171 times)

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No one around me seems to want to learn flatland? It confuses me why there arnt more flatlanders?

I mean thereís flat ground everywhere you would only think more people would get into seeing how readily available it is?

Maybe itís just a harder discipline of riding? That takes more patience or maybe even bike maintenance?

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It's a combination of all of the above. Most folks can appreciate flatland, but most don't have the drive, desire, or immense patience it takes to lesrn it. Serious riders can dedicate 6 months to learn a single combo that may only tske a few seconds to execute in real time. And the majority of time practicing is spent in isolation. Japam is an exception to the rule, due to it having a concentrated flatland scene. So it takes more discipline, but less maintenance, especially if you ride brakeless.

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It seems to take a person with a unique set of attributes to want to devote so much time to something that outwardly may appear so simple. My friends that I used to skate with were never impressed with flatland. They couldn't understand why somebody would want to spend so much time learning just one trick. I don't know why, but I have always loved the fact that you don't just step on a bike and pull this stuff off. You earn it, one piece at a time, paid for in persistence, blood, and sweat. It really feels like an accomplishment to try something over and over and OVER, analyze what is going going wrong, what you NEED to do, then see it gradually come together. I'm a complete beginner at this point. 37 years old and I rode out of the most perfect fork glide that I've ever done just yesterday. I've been able to ride in and roll (and scuff) no problem for a long time, but my ride outs have always been half assed and not pretty. I have tried and tried to do it one of the more "proper" ways that I've seen a lot of other riders (on Youtube) do. It took me a month, but I have it figured out now! I'm not consistent at it yet, but I'm going to keep at until I can do it on demand. And THAT is something that there aren't more flat riders around. A couple months spent on one "trick" that most people wouldn't even recognize as taking some effort to pull off.

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I've just accepted that flatland is a lonely hobby. I'm in a city in the uk and pretty sure I'm the only rider in the whole city.
I'm a rock climber and a skateboarder which are both very sociable, so I rude flat for a bit of 'me' time.