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Welcome to the new Bike Check forum. Use this board to post the specifications of your bikes and watch your style progress!

Here are some simple tips and guidlines to help get you started;

1. Start a new topic, create a title that reflects your bike check. Feel free to add the date in the title as a visual aid as to when your bike check was last updated. Here's an example...

khekillah's bike check (23rd Mar 2012)

2. Post pictures of your bike, this is a must in my eyes but is by no means a rule. Try adding as much detail about your bike as possible, again this optional but the more information you reveal the more interesting your thread will become...

If your unsure of your parts specifications. i.e weight, tt length, angles etc.. Then you can get info from the parts identifier found here;

3. Post as many bikes as you like, but please keep them all in one thread. Do not post your bike checks in other people's threads, any that do will be removed by myself.

4. If you do not want other members commenting on your bike check then you can lock it using the "Lock Topic" button found at the bottom left corner of your thread.

Most importantly have fun, that's what it's all about!

If you need help posting pictures or would like advice on your bike check then you can either PM me or send me an email -

I can post pictures for you if need be... enjoy! ;)
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