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Flatland is best underground
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So the Rona finally got my tennis court spots closed here in whereverville USA, after a week or so of seeing masses of tennys showing up after work stopped in our area. And i'm feeling like "good", man i never felt like flatland belonged at some sports complex anyway, elbowing it out all these years with the ballers, tennys, frisbees, and golf drivers (even), i wanna be done with this environment. To me flatland is best tucked away somewhere in some hole where "the public" can't ruin it. We don't belong with sports, we don't belong in any city center to add to the wonderful diversity, no one wants us. We deserve to concentrate our studies in neglected areas like dirty ass parking garages or anywhere society could give a crap about. Anything less is just bullsh*t and you know it. Don't do this for recognition. 

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Re: Flatland is best underground
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In the way that flatland riders like undergrounds as it is dry and sometimes well lit and
no one bothers you in being underground in the riding..also that no one get in your
way..but underground as a whole for!

I have mix feelings on things like magazines and most in the end days of bmx being
more public with Ride Bmx and Bmx Plus before they both went under,then also
Art Magazine(France),UK Ride(UK),Freedom Bmx(Germany) and the others had
more flatland  in it than most..which Art  magazine was good for Flatland..thank

Everyone I think would love to see a magazine like FREESTYLIN once again
and I agree with that!

Everyone knows by now that Bmx Men's Park and Women Park getting into the
Olympics and Flatland is now being shown on TV as a series,if you have missed
that and it is just a matter of time that maybe it will also be in the Olympics.I do
truly think that the X-games management did not properly advertise and also at
all promote Flatland when it was in the X-Games and talking to many and going
to many of those X-Games!

Flatland is a lot more International now,thus many see flatland not becoming such
underground,but more solo type international bicycling than more of a nation teams
like the Oylmpics are more team or go usa go or Japan or France etc.This international
bmx flatland is seen in the series .

But even again with flatland getting so much attention with the FISE series on TV,I
have mixed feelings as I see why some say it should remain underground,this after
the X-Games disaster and it is more of an individual sport of sorts and fits in the
extreme sports catagory,than say Elite Men and also Woman Bmx in
the Olympics!I am not sure that I want to see Flatland go the way of the ABA or the
NBL to USA racing and have it more nationalized for each country..I think it take
away the individualization of flatland and solo riding in the parking lot,undergounds
or wherever.I had my best days riding in the Huntington Beach Parking or the many
other places with the rest of the fellows(Fugitives) and just riding alone or with friends
is the best and flatland to more underground than say where others want to take

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Re: Flatland is best underground
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My favorite riding spots are the ones that are completely clear of people.

Flatland is my meditation,people disrupt my meditation process

Many riders want to be seen and be admired by random pass byers,to boost their ego.Different motives..

I also think that when you ride surrounded by people you tend to do tricks that you already know well,to impress them. Highly unlikely you try learning a new trick,falling down a million times,doing the same 1 second move for 3 hours if you are on a public spot surrounded by people watching.
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