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A friend of mine just registered but hasn't had his account approved.  His username is FLATITUDE.
Could you check on his approval please.

khe killah:
Sorry for missing this, just found him and approved his account...

Let me know if he has any issues.



--- Quote from: khe killahô on October 02, 2019, 11:08:27 AM ---Sorry for missing this, just found him and approved his account...

Let me know if he has any issues.


--- End quote ---

Much appreciated, I guess the scene is a bit dead globally, but not out!
Spring has just kicked in here.

Sorry Iím so late in registering, just didnít make time over the years to connect with the world.

Iím a rider not a bike collector, I am after certain parts for my bikes but also willing to trade, or sell.

Iím from the Melbourne Victoria Australia scene, the guys call it Melbourne flatland scene.
My comp and jam name is FLATITUDE, I plan on holding backyard jamís, I no longer class FLATITUDE as a competition name, I feel competitions arnt what flatland needs. A jam with marquees bbq, music and a good surface makes better times.

Iíve been getting this ready for a while now, hopefully I can get the floor ready soon so we can enjoy summer jams.

I know I talk a lot but I feel in order to help the scene we all need to make more of an effort, and Iím not blaming anyone for whatís happening to flatland, I just think itís time to make things better globally. Starting with your own backyard. If possible. Every rider from around the world is welcome here, just donít be a hooligan, I have children. Have fun hope to get to know you guys a lot more.


khe killah:
Shame I'm in the UK I'd love to come session with you. The scene has always fluctuated over the years and always bounces back.

It's good to talk bro, if we dont talk then the forum dies... welcome aboard!

Ride on!


My friend John and I have been basically sharing an account to be here for years.
I have been trying to join Global-Flat since around 2015-2016. It is AWESOME to finally have my own account. THANK YOU for opening membership back up!


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