Author Topic: Jean William Prevost wins AFA Round 3  (Read 53978 times)

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Jean William Prevost wins AFA Round 3
« on: July 21, 2019, 08:07:31 AM »

Yesterday the 3rd round of this year's AFA circuit took place in North Carolina. Congratulations to Dub on his first place in the pro class and to all the other winners. There are recordings of the live stream on the AFA Facebook page. You can find the full results below!
 1st Ty Howell
 2nd Justin Griffin
 3rd Justin Oh
 4th Kim Klisiak
 5th Bri Welch
 Old’s Cool
 1st Bert Williams
 2nd Paul Vail
 3rd Lee Mejia
 4th Dan Hull
 5th Fox Kinsman
 6th Todd Shoemaker
 1st Ed Jodie
 2nd Rennace Tomko
 3rd Kevin Edwards
 4th Ron Monis
 5th Marc Joseph
 6th Anthony Schneidewind
 7th Sean Porter
 8th Kevin Washington
 9th David McDuffie
 1st Jean William Prevost
 2nd Austin Luberda
 3rd James McGraw
 4th Jean-Francois Boulianne
 5th Dax Wolford
 6th Art Thomason
 7th Steph Cerra
 8th Will Redd
 9th Bryan Huffman
 10th Michael Shao
 11th Joe Cicman
 12th Nikola Olic
 13th Todd Carter

Photo: AFA Facebook